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Grilled Panini Sandwich Without a Panini Maker

Easy, quick panini sandwich with that restaurant taste, but made using just a grill pan. Feel free to use any meats or ch

Lazy Chicken Parmesan Grilled Cheese
Cindylee Bloomer

Wanted to eat a chicken Parmesan sub but didn't feel like spending the time cooking and breading chicken. So I opted to c

Egg in a Hole French Toast Grilled Cheese
Julie Hubert

A traditional grilled cheese with bacon is dipped in French toast batter, a hole is cut in the center, and is cooked with

Sweet Breakfast Sandwich

Super easy and delicious sandwich to make for breakfast or a snack.

Breakfast Sausage Corn Dogs with Spiced Maple Syrup Dip
Julie Hubert

Homemade corn dogs made with breakfast sausage are served with a spiced maple syrup dip in this fair food treat everyone

Chickpea "Tuna" Salad Sandwiches

Chickpeas are surprisingly fishy, and when they're mashed, taste a lot like tuna! Mix it with nori and the usual tuna sal

White Pizza Grilled Cheese

If you love double-crust white pizza, this sandwich will satisfy your craving without making a whole pizza or ordering ou

English Muffin with Peanut Butter, Banana, and Chia Seeds

This is a simple recipe for a sweet and nutritious breakfast or snack. This recipe is customizable if you prefer a differ

Grilled Cheese Sticks
Culinary Envy

These perfectly golden brown, toasty, buttery Parmesan-crusted grilled cheese sticks are filled with 2 ooey gooey melted

Honduran Baleadas

In El Salvador there are pupusas. In Mexico there are tacos. In Honduras there are Baleadas. The simple version consists

Pickled Egg Salad Sandwich

A zippy change from an ordinary egg salad sandwich.

Guatemalan Chilaquilas
Maria Pereira

A delicious tortilla dish, easy and cheap to prepare. You can also prepare a green sauce to go with it.

"PJ Special" Grilled Cheese

Not for the faint of heart, this sandwich has flavor to spare. My dad won't even eat regular grilled cheese any more.

After-School Kitty Cat Sandwiches

My son learned to make these at school. It's a healthy after-school snack your child can make all by herself!

Doughnut Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Adrienne Clark

Just when you thought the grilled cheese sandwich couldn't get any better, I give you the doughnut grilled cheese sandwic

Sweet Potato Toast

This is a very cheap meal that actually makes a lot of food for just one sweet potato.

Ultimate Jersey Ripper
Matt R

A ripper is a local Jersey term for hot dogs that are deep-fried. The term is used to describe the ripping of the hot dog

Andie's Quick 'n Easy Sneaky Sloppy Joes

I cobbled this recipe together from a myriad of online recipes. I couldn't find a more veggie-friendly option, and had BB

Tomato Avocado Sandwich

A vegan-friendly easy-to-make yummy sandwich.

Easy Vegetarian Sandwich

It really a very simple sandwich that is very healthy. It's so yummy even the carnivores will enjoy it.

Cheez-It® Fried Tofu Pita Pocket

Cheez-It® fried tofu cubes with cracked pepper and sauteed cherry tomato, baby spinach, and hummus in a pita pocket."

Chicken Curry and Turmeric Salad Wrap
Christy Pruitt

This chicken curry wrap is a low-calorie, high-protein, and fast meal option for people who are trying to eat healthy. Th

Asian-Inspired Sloppy Joes

Serve on white or whole-wheat buns with wasabi slaw and pickles. I make them on the drier side so they are not impossible

Spicy Teriyaki Spam® and Pineapple on a Hawaiian Roll

Cast iron skillet-fried SPAM® and pineapple with sriracha and a splash of lime placed on a King's® Hawaiian roll. This re