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Instant Pot® Lasagna
Shauna James Ahern

You might feel like making lasagna in a pressure cooker is crazy. Don't you need an oven for those crunchy edges? To make

Pakistani Chapli Kebab
Rookie With A Cookie

Chapli kebab is a form of kebabs widely popular in Pakistan. Mixed together with a South Asian blend of spices, the beef

Taco Skillet Burgers

Classic from when I was a kid. Big plate of smothered, comfort food deliciousness! My kids love this recipe.

Hamburger Rice Casserole

My mom made this many times for Saturday dinner when we were growing up. It is quick to prep and makes a satisfying meal

Beef Enchiladas with Homemade Sauce
Heather Marie

Beef enchiladas with homemade sauce. Top with black olives, mashed avocado, and fresh cilantro!

Texas Hash in the Microwave

One of my favorite meals growing up. I have only change up a couple of things to suit my family. The kids love it! And it

Hearty Beef and Beans
tracy johnson

This recipe came from my mother. She made this often on Halloween nights. A delicious mixture of ground beef, mushrooms,

Taco Pockets

An cool little alternative to spice up taco Tuesday!

Cat's Cajun Dirty Cauliflower "Rice"

Cajun-style dirty rice made with cauliflower. Great as a side or a main dish!

French-Style Lasagna

I learned how to make lasagna this way when I worked in France. What makes it French-style is the use of a bechamel (whit

Chow Fun
Skip Elkins

My son learned the basics in Home Ec at school and we tinkered with it until we matched the recipe made by the tutu down

Texas Chili Dog
Ball Park

Whether you're tailgating, watching the big game at home or just planning a family movie night, this Texas Chili Dog is g

Hearty Beef Lasagna Soup
Mommy For Two

Do you want a quick, easy, and tasty soup tonight? I'll bet you even have all the ingredients for this simple and very yu

Lita's Albondigas (Meatball Soup)

My mother Lita (as the grandchildren call her) and I came up with this soup combining several recipes we tried until it w

Slow Cooker Cabbage Almost Rolls

Easy cabbage roll dinner without the hassle of actually rolling the meat in leaves. Perfect for the slow cooker!

Cauliflower Totchos
Green Giant

You won't have any problem getting kids (or adults) to eat their veggies when you whip up some Totchos. Like traditional

Haitian Beef Patties

Haitian patties are different from the Jamaican ones in that they have more of a puff pastry shell, which is less flaky b

Mushroom Cap Chorizo Burger
Culinary Envy

You will not miss the bun with this extremely flavorful stuffed portobello mushroom cap chorizo burger. It is sure to imp

Taco Pie from Borden® Cheese
Borden® Cheese

On a base of crescent roll dough, this taco pie with browned ground beef, taco chips, spices, sour cream, and shredded Ch

Bold Honey-Barbecue Burger
Borden® Cheese

Grilled beef burgers are topped with honey-barbecue sauce, crisp bacon, onion rings, cheese slices, and tomatoes.