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Dad's Grilled Hot Wings
Rosemary Mom

Spicy, hot wings are great for a crowd. Grilling makes them unique and delicious. Serve wings with celery sticks, blue ch

Snickers® Cheesecake

Decadently rich, but oh so addictive. Combines two of my loves, candy and cheesecake.

Slow Cooked Stuffed Cornish Hens

Succulent slow cooked stuffed Cornish hens. Serve with mashed potatoes or any choice of sides! I serve mine with mashed p

Sugar-Free Fudge
Mrs. 5000

Love chocolate and fudge? Trying to cut out sugar? This is the ultimate fudge recipe just for you.

Red Pepper Broccoli Lasagna
Cindy Pearl Valley

This lasagna is composed of alternating layers of broccoli, ricotta cheese, Monterey Jack cheese, and a creamy roasted re

Jeremiah's Cashew Chicken Casserole

Perfect recipe for using up leftover chicken and rice. No cream of anything soup required! Using simplified bechamel and

Tart with Zucchini, Prosciutto, and Pine Nuts
Laka kuharica - Easy Cook

This savory tart is filled with delightful Italian flavors and it is ideal for a takeaway lunch or a picnic. Serve warm o

Black Bean Avocado Hazelnut Mocha Cake

A decadent flourless, gluten-free chocolate cake with a hint of coffee and hazelnuts. They'll never guess it's loaded wit

Lemon Basil Alfredo Sauce

This creamy sauce draws on Northern Italian ideas for a summer pasta. Experiment to get the taste you want! Great on chic

Cauliflower with Cheese Sauce

This is an easy recipe for cauliflower cheese but it's pretty versatile. You can use the cheese sauce with any vegetables

Traditional Victoria Sponge

This is the traditional recipe for a Victoria sponge cake, a much loved English favorite. Serve with buttercream as in th

Chicken and Tortellini Florentine Soup

This was a big hit with my husband. Delicious flavor and quite filling.

Steve's Overnight Waffles
Mike Marks

Belgian-style yeast-risen waffle recipe.

Doug's Garlic Shrimp Alfredo

A twist on the traditional shrimp Alfredo with a great tangy kick! You can also sneak some veggies into this if you have

Ragout de Boulettes (Pork Meatball Stew)

This is a French-Canadian family recipe which we prepare often during winter and in the run up to Christmas. You'll need

Apple Dessert Nachos
Greg Feldman

Very quick and easy dessert dish that will be gone in seconds! This recipe is easily adaptable to individual tastes so fe

Saffron Alfredo
Ken Spaulding

This is a base sauce for other recipes and can be modified to fit almost any white sauce recipe. It is a sauce you can fr

Lasagne ai Carciofi e Pancetta (Artichoke and Pancetta Lasagna)

This tasty lasagna filled with fresh artichokes, pancetta, and bechamel sauce is a typical Italian dish for a spring Sund

Chow Fun
Skip Elkins

My son learned the basics in Home Ec at school and we tinkered with it until we matched the recipe made by the tutu down

Shrimp and Spinach Lasagna
Daddy Doug

Wifey loves this dish. The fresh spinach and lemon shine through.