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Grain-Free Date and Nut Bars
Megan Olson

Grain-free date nut bars are a no-bake snack made with mixed nuts, shredded coconut, and cashew butter that are oil and s

Green Power Oat Smoothie
Quaker® Oats

Start your day with this green power smoothie combining oats, coconut milk, spinach, parsley, apple, honey and lemon.

Impurely Perfect Brownies
the unrefined baker

These mouthwatering brownies are enhanced with deep, rich flavors of raw ingredients. Rediscover the natural goodness of

Moroccan Turkey Tagine Stew

A classic Moroccan tagine stew with warm spices, vegetables and dried fruit adds leftover turkey for a twist on a traditi

Mocha Upside-Down Cake
Lisa Proctor

Handed down from my grandmother, this family favorite disappears as soon as it's cool enough to eat.

Spiralized Apple 'Spaghetti' with Cinnamon Dressing
Arizona Desert Flower

Cool and refreshing dessert with the crunch of walnuts.

Salmon Pinwheels
EatingWell Test Kitchen

Don't be intimidated by this fancy-looking breaded-salmon pinwheel--it's quite easy to do. This technique works best when

Cranberry-Coconut Bread Pudding
EatingWell Test Kitchen

In this healthy bread pudding recipe, whole-wheat bread, fresh cranberries, candied ginger and toasted coconut come toget

Roasted Parsnip Soup
EatingWell Test Kitchen

The earthy flavor of parsnips goes especially well with fragrant pears, but carrots or even rutabaga work nicely in this

Asian-Inspired Chicken Soup
EatingWell Test Kitchen

What is so obliging about this hearty chicken soup is that you can add any vegetables that suit your fancy: napa or Savoy

Spaghetti Frittata
EatingWell Test Kitchen

Here's a creative way to use leftover cooked spaghetti: try mixing it with eggs for a filling Italian omelet. If you don'

Ham & Chard Stuffed Shells
EatingWell Test Kitchen

In this healthy stuffed shells recipe, tons of dark leafy chard replaces some of the cheese. Kale and/or collards are goo

Moroccan-Citrus Chicken with Grilled Peach-Lime Salsa
EatingWell Test Kitchen

A potent blend of citrus zests and juices along with a quartet of aromatic spices makes this healthy and quick chicken ma

Tabbouleh with Chickpeas
EatingWell Test Kitchen

This tabbouleh recipe with chickpeas has lots of parsley, mint, tomatoes and cucumbers. Toasting brings out the flavor in

Tofu & Broccoli Stir-Fry
EatingWell Test Kitchen

We like broccoli best in this tofu stir-fry, but any mixture of vegetables you have on hand will work. One way to get gre

Jumbo Prawns & Balsamic-Orange Onions
EatingWell Test Kitchen

The arrival of the first sweet onions of the season is an event to be celebrated, and this dish does just that. The onion

Sofia's Chicken Paprikash
EatingWell Test Kitchen

Brilliant red paprika, the main seasoning in Hungarian cooking, gives this light version of chicken paprikash its color.

Turkey Albondigas Soup
EatingWell Test Kitchen

Albondigas, Spanish for “meatballs,” star in the traditional broth-based Mexican soup. Our version uses turkey rather tha

Gingerbread Pudding
EatingWell Test Kitchen

Leftover gingerbread gets a second life in these bread pudding-like desserts.

Frozen Margarita Pie
EatingWell Test Kitchen

Use a pastry bag fitted with a large star tip to pipe decorative swirls on top of the pie.