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Aloha Ahi Poke

We just returned from a glorious vacation to Maui. Our memories quickly became all the more glorious upon our return to r

Caramel Pancake Syrup

The best syrup to put on pancakes, French toast or crepes. The best part is it's extremely easy and quick to make! This

Melted Ice Cream Bread

I love ice cream - especially Ben and Jerry's® - and I'm always looking for ways to include them in my recipes. This simp

No-Knead English Muffin Bread

This is an excellent breakfast bread that's great toasted.

Cheesy White Pizza Dip
Tracy Smaldino

This recipe is a party favorite! Everyone always requests I make it. Feel free to substitute chicken, veggies, etc. for t

Vegan Carrot-Top Vegetable Soup
Tamara A

A great soup during the harvest season. My daughter devoured this soup!

Japanese Sweet Omelet

Tamagoyaki is a delicious, easy, and fun Japanese breakfast! Serve hot with shaved daikon (Japanese radish) and soy sauce

Stir-Fried Mustard Greens with Eggs & Garlic
EatingWell Test Kitchen

In this simple egg-and-mustard-greens stir-fry recipe, Chinese greens are cooked with garlic, ginger and chile. Serve the

Mixed Green Salad with Grapefruit & Cranberries
EatingWell Test Kitchen

Grapefruit juice is the base for the tangy vinaigrette on this salad studded with grapefruit segments and dried cranberri

Apple-Shallot Roasted Turkey with Cider Gravy
EatingWell Test Kitchen

In this herb-roasted turkey recipe, apples and shallots cook inside the bird to keep the meat moist and add rich flavor.

Walnut-Stuffed Nectarines Poached in Laurier Syrup
EatingWell Test Kitchen

This recipe is based on a traditional Turkish dessert, in which dried figs are stuffed with ground walnuts and poached in

Parsley Tabbouleh
EatingWell Test Kitchen

Serve this tart, parsley-dominated tabbouleh at your next backyard gathering.

Couscous with Mushrooms & Sun-Dried Tomatoes
EatingWell Test Kitchen

Simple couscous gets an upgrade with sautéed mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes. Make it a meal: Simple Roasted Pork Tender

Shrimp & Plum Kebabs
EatingWell Test Kitchen

Toss quick-cooking shrimp, juicy summertime plums and zesty jalapeños with a simple cilantro-lime marinade for a deluxe m

Acorn Squash with Parsley, Sage & Walnut Pesto
EatingWell Test Kitchen

A sophisticated alternative to a brown-sugar glaze, pesto flavored with pungent sage makes a delicious topping for winter

Curried Vegetables with Eggs
EatingWell Test Kitchen

Get some vegetable servings in at breakfast--baking eggs on top of curried vegetables is simple and delicious. Make it a

Roasted Pears with Brie & Pistachios
EatingWell Test Kitchen

Roasted pears with Brie and pistachios is delicious as a first course or a side with roast pork or lamb. Leave the stems

Easy Sauteed Fish Fillets
EatingWell Test Kitchen

Here's an easy method for quickly cooking fish fillets. We love the simplicity of just using salt and pepper to season th

Brandied-Prune Clafouti
EatingWell Test Kitchen

Clafouti is a rustic French dessert where a thick batter is poured over fruit and baked in the oven until puffy. Brandied

New Potato & Pea Salad
EatingWell Test Kitchen

Try using a variety of colorful potatoes in this pretty spring dish.