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Creepy Crawlers

Fun Halloween treat for kids and adults!

Fried Snickers® Bars

A delicious twist on a classic candy bar! Serve with powdered sugar and whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. For an extra

The Best Gluten Free Brownies Ever...Seriously
Lindsay L.

I modified an old family favorite recipe upon going gluten-free. It is easy and super yummy and naughty. If you prefer to

Lime Bars

A different take on the lemon bars we all love. I actually prefer them to lemon. This is my favorite bar cookie and I'm a

Everything Cupcakes

The sweet sibling of the Everything Bagel, these cupcakes will please all sorts of sweet tooth cravings! This is a great

Milly's Oatmeal Brownies
Milly Suazo-Martinez

These are wonderful, chewy 'brownies' except that they are made with oatmeal instead of chocolate. Add your favorites (nu

G.G.'s Chocolate Sheet Cake
Lisa Altmiller

This is my great-grandmother's recipe that she passed down to me, and it is quite simply the best chocolate dessert I hav

Pumpkin Seed Beer Brittle

I thought I'd make beer brittle with pumpkin seeds, and this is the delicious result!