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Simple Deep Fried Turkey

If you like a more traditional tasting turkey, this is the one for you. No injecting, no marinades, no complicated rubs.

Thai Fried Chicken

A sweet-chili sauce and honey mustard marinade creates a great twist on an old favorite. The crunch of panko bread crumbs

Hunan Chicken

Spicy, fried chicken. Americanized version of a popular Chinese dish.

Mochiko Asian Fried Chicken

Chicken marinated with Chinese classic ingredients, then dredged and fried for something divine.

Easy Moist Chipotle Chicken

Instead of just breading chicken, take it up a notch with a kick.

Pluto Pups
mandas stuff

The best way to describe this snack is to say that they are the Aussie version of corn dogs.

Crispy Deep Fried Bacon

Battered and fried bacon that is even better after cooking in the oven for 7 minutes. My husband and I saw the idea of fr

Deep Fried French Toast

Crispy coating outside, chewy inside.

The Best Ever Chicken Nuggets

This recipe has been in our family for years. The only problem with it is that there's never enough. It's great for parti

Daniel Boone's Favorite Honey-Fried Chicken
Laurie P.

Sticky, sweet, tangy, and a little zippy if you prefer, this is a local favorite.

Idaho Finger Steaks

This recipe was given to me many years ago and is alleged to be the original recipe from a cafe in Boise, Idaho: the purp

Fried Frog's Legs

Simple recipe for delicious frog's legs that are breaded with cracker crumbs and cornmeal, then fried in oil.

Crispy Kung Pao Chicken

This is an easy recipe. The chicken is extra crispy with out being greasy and the sauce is excellent. Serve with hot coo

Fried Chicken Chunks (Chicharrones De Pollo) Dominican
Tracie Borrero

This is a Dominican version of fried chicken with added flavors. You'll fall in love with this recipe. You can serve it w

Cinnamon Chicken Nuggets
Paige W.

An updated version of an early American recipe that has been in my family since the 1800's. The original version of this

Telur Balado (Spicy Chile Sauce with Eggs)
Rani Rasfiardha

Originated from North Sumatra (Padang or Minang), this humble dish can be easily bought from many street vendors (warung

Fried Chicken Gizzards

These country-fried gizzards are yummy!

Fried Venison Backstrap
Nicole Cooks

Tender venison backstrap is sliced thinly before breading and frying to make a savory crispy crust.

Cajun Deep-Fried Turkey
Peg in East Tennessee

Delicious, juicy and tender, this recipe was given to me by a true Cajun sixteen years ago and has been on our Thanksgivi

Butter Fragranced Frog Legs

This is a very popular dish in most Asian seafood restaurants. The crispy breaded frog legs blend very well with the mel

Breaded SPAM® Steaks

I got this recipe from my boyfriend (being a guy, he eats anything fried). This is a good snack to make when you get the

Green Pea Poulourie

These vegetarian balls can be served as a main dish or appetizer. As a main dish, serve with white or brown rice. As an

Deb's General Tso's Chicken
Deb K

A traditional Chinese favorite, you'll enjoy the spicy sweet soy sauce with ginger and garlic flavors, ingredients that m

Mustard Fried Chicken
Othasha Thomas

Chicken wings are seasoned with a delicate mixture of spices, then coated in mustard and floured before being fried until