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These are all authors of recipes on our website. Many of them create masterpieces, and some supporters of readable and practical cuisine. You choose - everyone has their own taste.


Various ingredients

From unique and exotic fruits to the standard set of products that can be found in any refrigerator. Who knows what combination of these ingredients will lead you to a culinary masterpiece.


Different calorie dishes

The apple contains 52 calories, and the carbonara paste contains 386.4 kcal. If you want to choose a dish by the number of calories, then you just need our site.

Green Rice (Arroz Verde)

Green rice (arroz verde) is one of my favorite side dishes. You can add chiles and other spices but my favorite is the pl

Cranberry Bran Flax Seed Muffins

Healthy, whole-wheat muffins made with whole and ground flax seed and dried cranberries with hint of cinnamon.

Banana and Flax Seed Muffins

Family favorite. They don't last long. Taste great from the oven. I like to freeze leftovers the same day. Great for brea

Simple Grilled Hot Wings
J Chesnut

Very simple hot, hot wings for grilling. Marinate your chicken in a simple hot sauce and grill up while basting those spi

Dad's Grilled Hot Wings
Rosemary Mom

Spicy, hot wings are great for a crowd. Grilling makes them unique and delicious. Serve wings with celery sticks, blue ch

Grilled Hot Wings
David Vincent

Hot-wing-style chicken breasts made on a barbeque.

Easy Blended Mocha

The delicious and simplest blended mocha I ever made before!

Starbucks® Mocha Frappuccino® Replica
Steve Woznicka

I created this recipe myself. I wanted something that tasted like the brand-name stuff but without the steep cost! I kept

Low-Carb Coffee Frappe

Coffee and ice cream... What more can I say?

Frugal Summer Coffee

Tired of paying so much money for iced coffees, I invented my own version that I keep on hand in the refrigerator for sum

Iced Coffee Perfection

I have been using this method called 'cold brewing' during the hot summer months for years. I have not seen a recipe for

Italian Baked Eggplant with Parmesan (Parmigiana di Melanzane)

Eggplant parmigiana or eggplant Parmesan is one of the most popular and iconic vegetarian Italian dishes and this recipe

Gluten-Free Lemon Meringue Pie

This is an old recipe that I've tweaked to be gluten free. I use an oval serving dish that is 8x13 inches at the widest p

Bloody Skeleton S'mores
Stasty Cook

These spooky s'mores are easy to make and will go down as a favorite treat at your Halloween party.

Lactose-Free Apple and Cinnamon Muffins

After having to go on a medically enforced lactose-free diet for 4 weeks I was at a loss as to what sweet treats I would

Lactose-Free Banana and Blueberry Muffins

Beautifully soft on the inside with a slight crunch to the outside, these muffins beat traditional blueberry muffins and

Pescado en Achiote (Mexican Fish in Annatto Sauce)
Chef Gaby Cervello

White fish fillets and shrimp are marinated with achiote, orange juice, lemon, and spices, baked in the oven, and served

Camarones y Pulpo al Mojo de Ajo (Mexican Shrimp and Squid in Garlic Mojo Sauce)
Chef Gaby Cervello

Giant shrimp and baby octopus are cooked in garlic mojo sauce with a touch of chili pasilla. A delicious recipe that is v

Mini Bittersweet Chocolate Cakes

Rounds of chocolate cake are split into 2 rounds and layered with rich, chocolate frosting and a sprinkle of mini chocola

No-Bake Fudge Bar

A chocolate cookie-crumb crust is topped with a creamy layer of chocolate, sprinkled with mini chocolate chips, then chil

Caramel Chip Granola Bars

These oat and almond granola bars with caramel chips are drizzled with even more caramel for a delicious treat with tea o

Chocolate Chip Mini Bundt Cakes

These individual-size serving mini bundt cakes with lots of chocolate chips and a chocolate glaze are moist and rich, tha

Caramel-Dipped Churro Cookies

These cookies are shaped to resemble traditional churros--fried lengths of sugared pastry--and they're dipped in melted c

Browned Butter White Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies

Browned butter lends a rich nutty flavor to these white chocolate hazelnut cookies.